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Call LDI, that’s what I did, wuttup it’s Sisanie, you know LDI can cure your acne and get rid of those old acne scars…what are you waiting for, call LDI!”


Since I grew up on TV I’ve practically been In makeup my whole life. I’m so excited to finally feel the confidence to not have to wear makeup. I’ve only had a few procedures done, and I see a huge difference. When I think about my acne at its worst, I can remember having a conversation with someone and them staring at my face like it was dirty. It’s a horrible feeling. People with clear complexions don’t understand that it’s an inside issue. I’ve spent a fortune on every product out there, some seem to work for a while. I’m thrilled to now be in the hands of Dr. Rispler to fix the problem.”

Tina Yothers

“Thanks, Dr.Rispler!!! I no longer have acne and my old acne scars are history!! I love LDI!”


“Within 3 months my skin was beautiful. And at this point, it’s pretty much the skin I’ve always wanted. With laser treatments and proper skin care, I’m now confident without makeup and I actually look younger than I did 5 years ago….”

Gina Grad