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Acne Los Angeles

Acne is one of the most frequently experienced skin conditions for patients in the U.S.  It affects adults, mature women, pregnant women, and young adults.  Problems such as scars, discolored skin, and dark spots can worsen overtime without treatment.  Dr. Jacob Rispler has treated thousands of patients experiencing problems such as acne.

Dr. Rispler offers the most advanced tools and experience to clear even the most difficult or persistent types of acne.  His treatments are specialized for the unique skin features of his patients.  He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and well recognized for his success in treating skin disorders such as acne.

By using a combination of FDA approved medicines and specialized advanced lasers, Dr. Rispler is a pioneer in Los Angeles acne treatment techniques and innovations.  He uses non-ablative lasers that do not damage skin and require no recovery time.  Patients return to their regular activities the same day after treatment.  The technology that Dr. Rispler works with ensures the most secure, cost-effective, and accurate results.

Acne treatments provided by Dr. Rispler are customized to fit your condition and adjusted according to your progress or reactions to specific technology.  Your progress will monitored and any necessary changes will be implemented to ensure optimal results.  Financing is also available so you can pay as your treatment progresses.  To learn more or schedule appointment, please call our office today.