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Dr. Rispler

Dr. Jacob Rispler is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, and is both a photo biologist and laser surgeon.  His background is characterized by the contributions he has made as a pioneer in dermatology and laser surgery.

Dr. Rispler carries memberships in the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, and an additional number of organizations.  He has been featured on multiple local and national television programs.  His work has seen increased recognition through newspapers, magazines, and prestigious medical journals.

As one of the leading dermatologists in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Rispler possesses an extensive clinical background and is experienced in treating various skin conditions.  He utilizes laser light technology in an efficient and comfortable manner.  When using laser light technology, Dr. Rispler customizes the laser light at various frequencies to precisely treat the unique skin of each patient.

Patients have different skin conditions, tones, and types.  Each patient will experience a different reaction to laser or medical treatment.  Dr. Rispler’s specialty is tailoring the treatment according to his patients progress and treatment reactions.

Dr. Rispler combines extensive knowledge and technology to deliver the most precise and realistic results. Please call us today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.